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The Application of Electrospun Biomaterial-PBG on the Corneal Nerve Regeneration


Until now, there have been no effective therapies for neurological disorders. As for peripheral nerve diseases, although not causing death directly, severely impact patients' health and quality of life. Our team has developed a biomedical material suitable for neural repair called the “Electrospun Biomedical Scaffold - PBG.” PBG exhibits good plasticity, biocompatibility, and degradability. It can sustained-release the excitatory neurotransmitter “glutamate” which promotes neural growth and induces the differentiation of iPSCs into retinal ganglion cells. Furthermore, it has shown the ability to repair damaged trigeminal nerves in in vitro experiments. In animal transplantation experiments, the PBG scaffold was demonstrated to directly promote the regeneration of damaged corneal nerves. The “Electrospun Biomedical Scaffold - PBG” holds great potential to become an “Electrospun Scaffold Artificial Cornea” that aids in the repair of damaged corneal nerves.

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