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Application of 3D Silicone Printing in Lithium Battery Energy Integration Systems


To accelerate the electric vehicle market, the advantages of 3D printing technology include speed, customization, high precision, and material versatility, providing high-quality customized options. The difficulty and cost of 3D printing technology are determined by the materials used, and the unique properties of silicone make it challenging to develop 3D printing techniques. Triad Limited, exclusively owning the FAM 3D printing system, has obtained 3D printing patents and biocompatibility certifications (ISO10993) in multiple countries including the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. This system has applications in the medical field and other high-value-added sectors. This project aims to establish Taiwan's competitive advantage in key components of electric vehicle batteries by utilizing silicone-based FAM 3D printing technology to develop critical components for fuel cells and lithium-ion power battery systems.

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