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Apparatus for detecting opening/closing force and steady state of force application of lower jaw


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Provided is an apparatus for detecting an opening/closing force and a steady state of force application of a lower jaw. The apparatus includes a lower jaw pad, a head fixing band, a pressure sensor and a slip stopping block. The left and right ends of the lower jaw pad are respectively extended outwards to form connecting parts, and the top surface of the lower jaw pad is provided with an accommodating recess. A slot is formed at the center of the bottom surface of the accommodating recess and a through hole is formed to the side wall surface of the slot. The head fixing band is made of an elastic material, surrounds the head and is downwards extended from the left and right sides of the head to form the band bodies, and the band bodies can be combined with the connecting parts. The pressure sensor is disposed to the slot and is connected with a signal collecting system through the through hole. The slip stopping block can be placed to the slot with an inclined side surface facing upward. Based on the above, the lower jaw of a subject can be accommodated in the accommodating recess so as to be fixed, and the inclined side surface of the slip stopping block is tightly abutted against the lower jaw of the subject so that the open motion of the lower jaw is detected.

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