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Cardiovascular Health Trend Monitor


The "Cardiovascular Health condition" is a collaborative research and development effort between COMGO Co., Ltd., an incubated enterprise of the Innovation and Incubation Center guided by Professor Chun-Ling Lin's team (Research center for intelligent medical device). COMGO has established the "COMGO" brand and launched the compact and accurate "COMGO Cardiovascular AI Measurement Device." Through the report, combined with personalized backend health management, it enables the improvement of lifestyle habits, dietary control, and nutritional supplementation, allowing aging blood vessels to regain youthful vitality.

 This product is non-invasive and provides self-physiological health information within just 150 seconds. It assesses trends such as vascular elasticity, whether there are signs of hardening or narrowing, identifies potential blood vessel fatigue caused by staying up late or poor sleep quality, detects blood thickening due to inadequate hydration, and provides the current vascular age status. Additionally, it analyzes 13 preventive healthcare indicators, including HRV stress and vitality index, electrocardiogram signal analysis for abnormal heartbeats, and health scores.

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