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PANCREASaver -Innovative Artificial Intelligence-assisted Detection Tool for Pancreatic Cancer-

臺大MeDA Lab & 臺大醫院廖偉智醫師團隊




Tel: 02-33668286

CT is the major modality for detecting pancreatic cancer
(PC), but early PCs are often obscure or even invisible to
the naked eye on CT, with approximately 40% of PCs smaller than 2 cm being missed on CT. Leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence, PANCREASaver is an in-novative end-to-end fully automatic computer-aided detection tool for PC.
PANCREASaver can identify the pancreas with deep learn-ing and determine whether PC exists with a combination of deep learning and radiomics with machine learning. The analytic output of PANCREASaver can be displayed on a desktop or portable device, informing whether PC exists and the location of the tumor on the CT images. 

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